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English pre-med courses are a vital part of preparing for medical school. They cover essential topics such as anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology, providing students with the necessary knowledge to succeed in their studies. Finding the right English pre-med courses can be a challenge, but with the right resources and information, it is possible to find the best fit for your educational goals. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why English pre-med courses are important and how to find them.

The benefits of taking English pre-med courses

One could mention many benefits of taking pre med courses, however, amongst the most prominent is the clear indication that pre med classes help significantly with the number of students who drop out or fail exams compared to those who did a pre medical preparation and manage to pass exams and continue successfully with the medical degree. Another benefit is that it offers a time for medical studies preparation in which student can get ready for medical school so they will be able to better understand what’s expected when they start their first year there. The English pre medical class also provides an opportunity for students to take difficult subjects such as physics and chemistry before they get into their college curriculum, which helps them because these subjects are often required in order to move on in the medical field. Lastly, these courses give aspiring physicians an extra year before they start their undergrad coursework so they have time to do research and explore areas of interest so that they can decide what type of doctor they want to become.

How to find the right English pre-med course for you

In order to find the right pre med for you, it is important to ask yourself first, what type of university is right for me? As we often mention, not all medical schools are right for all students. This means that some universities will suit you better as a student but also as a person. A premedical that can focus on the type of university that is right for you, will be an ideal companion during all your preparatory time. At King Charles Medical College, for instance, we focus on excellent universities such as Charles the first faculty, Charles the second faculty, and Palacky within the Czech Republic but nonetheless, other countries offering great education such as Lithuania with LSMU which proved to be extremely popular with the Nordic countries like Sweden and Norway, but also other great schools in Hungary, Croatia and more. Finding an appropriate English Pre Med should include the final wanted university, the program itself and the fees involved in the end eventually.

– English Pre Med Course in Depth –

Moreover, If you’re considering a career in medicine, of course, your natural succession should begin with pre-med courses. Our highly effective English pre med course, supervised by the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, is a new and superior program right in the heart of Prague. This intensive, 22-week program will allow undergraduate students to effectively study science at a university level to prepare for official Medical School admission exams. In addition to the science courses involved in the program, students will gain valuable experience in oral presentations and important real-life scenarios that they may face in the medical field. Once students have successfully completed this 22-week English Pre Med course, they will be given the opportunity to write the official admission exam, which, if passed, will gain them entry into the prestigious Medical Program at Charles University for the next academic year.

Are International Students Welcome?

The Charles University Pre-Med program is designed to assist non-European applicants with obtaining the appropriate paperwork and visas to study abroad. The University will also work with your alma mater to ensure all certifications and diplomas are accredited. Since European institutions are so welcoming of international students, most top European Medical Schools, including Charles University, also offer merit-based scholarships that help international students with the high costs of medical school.
Studying Medicine - King Charles College

What should you expect from the programme?

Once you’ve decided to enter the medical field, you’ll see that most reputable Medical Universities offer one-year foundational courses that help you transition into the program. These courses are helpful in allowing aspiring Med Students to brush up on certain subjects before entering the competitive programs ahead. Although helpful, these programs can be costly. A pre-med program, which is just as effective, is shorter and less expensive. The 22-week, English Pre Med course at Charles University is broken down as follows:

  1. 2 weeks of orientation, including University tours and 100 hours of language studies in medical English, Czech, and Latin.
  2. 20 weeks of scientific courses, with four hours of classes daily, from Monday to Friday, including subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physiology, and Anatomy.
  3. 5 visitations to the different medical faculties, including the Chemistry Lab, Simulation Centre, and Anatomy Museum.


After you’ve completed the program, you will walk away with:

  • More than 320 Academic Hours
  • A Medical Biology Book, Practice Booklets, Practice Seminars, and Online Material
  • Application Support
  • Official Completion Diploma and Grades (pending successful completion), plus Recommendation Letter for entry into the program
  • Opportunity to sit for the official Entrance Exam



If you’re considering a career in the medical field, allow our English Pre Med course to take you to the next level. What are you waiting for?



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