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  2. Europe offers medical schools that are accredited in the US, offering high standards of education for only a fraction of what American Universities cost.
  3. All our partner programs are fully taught in English and there are posibilities for clinical rotations at partner hospitals back home starting from the 4th year of your degree.

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This mock/simulation test is designed for admissions to medical or dental degree programs in European universities where instruction is conducted in English. The test and all its questions are provided for reference purposes only. The results do not guarantee acceptance to any real university nor represent an official grade of any kind.

*Disclaimer: All results provided by this mock/simulation test are strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. We utilize your results and data for the purpose of analysis to offer personalized feedback and assistance in improving your performance. Please refer to our privacy policy for a comprehensive understanding of how your data is handled.


Mock/Simulation test for admissions to a Medical/Dental degree in Europe.

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1. If the following are inserted and react with water, which will not form an acidic solution:

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2. Acetyl group is created and/ or found in:

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3. Which molecule/s has 2 Nitrogen atoms:

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4. A reaction took place in 100 ml flask between unknown acid (marked X) and 10 ml of 0.1 M Sodium hydroxide.

Following the reaction 50% of the acid X was neutralized and the PH was 3.

Which correct conclusion can be made according the above data:

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5. Which of the following is not a carboxyl acid derivative:

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6. Which of the following can be considered as amphoteric molecule:

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7. Halogenation reaction with Benzene is:

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8. Out of the following elements, which one has no role in the human body:

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9. What is the chemical formula of Potassium Dichromate?

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10. Alcohol is metabolized by liver enzymes by two reactions, first is catalyzed by Alcohol dehydrogenase while the second one is catalyzed by Aldehyde dehydrogenase. The end product should be:

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Category: PHYSICS

1. What is the frequency of the human heart (at rest conditions)?

12 / 30

Category: PHYSICS

2. An alpha particle is actually a:

13 / 30

Category: PHYSICS

3. A horse is (willingly) pulling on a 150kg box and moving it at a constant velocity. At some point it decides to pull harder to start accelerating the box. Choose the sentence which is incorrect:

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Category: PHYSICS

4. An unstable isotope of element X goes through 2 alpha, 2 beta plus, 1 beta minus and three gamma decays. What will be the result of element X after it finished releasing its nuclear radiation?

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Category: PHYSICS

5. Which one of the following statement DOES NOT-involve electromagnetic induction:

16 / 30

Category: PHYSICS

6. You are throwing a ball in an upward direction. which forces are acting on the ball once it left your hand? (friction is neglected)

17 / 30

Category: PHYSICS

7. When gas is compressed in a cylinder at constant temperature, the gas internal energy:

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Category: PHYSICS

8. What is the SI unit for Temperature?

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Category: PHYSICS

9. The electron of mass m and charge q is accelerated in an electric field E with final velocity v. Determine the wave length of the electron:

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Category: PHYSICS

10. A pendulum has mass m and length l. A similar pendulum with mass m/2 and length 2l will have a:

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Category: BIOLOGY

1. Find wrong statement:

22 / 30

Category: BIOLOGY

2. Horizontal gene transfer can be:

23 / 30

Category: BIOLOGY

3. The length of Okazaki fragment is about:

24 / 30

Category: BIOLOGY

4. Out of the following which one doesn’t follow hardy – Weinberg principles?

25 / 30

Category: BIOLOGY

5. The most abundant molecule on earth is:

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Category: BIOLOGY

6. Find wrong statement:

27 / 30

Category: BIOLOGY

7. Development of unfertilized egg to adult is called:

28 / 30

Category: BIOLOGY

8. Apoenzyme is:

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Category: BIOLOGY

9. The thyroid gland developes from:

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Category: BIOLOGY

10. The fact that not every individual with Allele for Huntington disease with actually develop clinical signs is due to:

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