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5 Reasons Why Czech Republic it's a Great Option for North American Students

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Here is why

Studies abroad could be a fantastic option if you are North American

One of the model that more and more European universities are trying to adapt is the American model. The reason for this is simple. There is a growing demand of students from the US and from Canada coming to study abroad and of course that Czech Republic is not the exception.

Some years ago when the international programmes were created, Charles University, The first faculty of medicine was one of the first ones to adopt the accreditation for the Americas.

Today, hundreds of American students and Canadians join Charles medical school every year.

The university not only offers accreditation but also is one of the leaders when it comes to USMLE successful students.

The USMLE (United States Medical License Examination) can be taken by European advanced medical students while they are still coursing their first degree.

Charles University proudly sends qualified students to their specializations and clinical rotations to the Americas year after year.

So here are the Top reasons why Charles the first faculty of medicine is a good choice for North American students…

1. It's the oldest medical school in central Europe

The first faculty of medicine, as its name says it, was the first ever founded medical school in central Europe.

It was established alongside Charles College itself in 1348, making it the eleventh most seasoned clinical foundation on the planet. The staff is near the downtown area of Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. Prague is once in a while called “The City of One Hundred Towers”. The staff gives training in all fields of general medication. First Workforce of Medication with just about 1 200 staff individuals and 3 400 understudies speaks to the biggest clinical personnel in the Czech Republic. Most of clinical guidance happens at the Overall College Emergency clinic in Prague, yet other instructing medical clinics incorporate Thomayer Showing Clinic, Military College Emergency clinic in Prague, Clinic Na Bulovce and College Emergency clinic in Motol.

2. According to the QS Subject Ranking Charles University is among the best universities in the world

Charles University is still ranked as the best university in the Czech Republic and considered as one of the best places to study in the world.

3. International Recognition

The degrees are completely recognized in the EU, USA and most other countries. The understudy aimed to ask the specialists or expert bodies in the particular nation for data about the conditions for full enrollment and acknowledgment of the degree required to rehearse medication.

The Workforce is recorded On the planet Registry of Clinical Schools distributed by WHO (seventh version, 2000, page 105)

Personnel is likewise recorded in the Index of Postsecondary Organizations distributed by the US Division of Instruction

The Primary Staff of Medication has able to take part in programs under Advanced education Demonstration of 1965 (HEA) and the Government Understudy Money related Help Projects (Title IV, HEA programs) in the USA. Charles College in Prague – First Workforce of Medication takes an interest in the Government Family Instruction Advance Stafford Program (OPE ID Number G33004).

3. Great success with the USMLE

Charles University has a strong history with successful students from the faculty who take the USMLE. This may be due to a tight connection of the university and its international students, especially, those from the USA and Canada.

All students wishing to follow a specialization in the US will have to take the USMLE during their studies and seems like Charles University is doing something right when it comes to this. There are many training programmes for the USMLE but the fact that more students from Charles are taking it, perhaps, this in some way helps others to follow along and become successful in the same way.

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