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We prepare for admission exams for prestigious universities such as Humanitas University in Milan, Italy as well as public universities, The Second Faculty of Medicine from Charles University in Prague, Palacky University, LSMU, and others.

Medical Studies in Europe

Become a doctor at an amazing place

King Charles Medical College was founded with the purpose of preparing students in the best possible way prior to beginning their medical/dental degree as it is highly needed.

We are delighted to introduce to you a complete Foundation Programme at the centre of Europe offering a better and more effective start to your medical degree.

Your medical degree begins now with us.

Medical School

A truly amazing program with great opportunities for anyone wanting to become a doctor

Young medical student-Medical school

Why your medical education in Europe should start with King Charles College

Right from the very first steps, start from the top

Located in Prague near one of Europe’s most prestigious universities, the King Charles foundation programme was designed to elevate your medical school journey from the outset.

A First Class Programme

King Charles College works closely with renowned medical universities for a much needed preparation as well as a smart and safer start to any medical degree.

Maximum Chances

King Charles College offers preparatory courses that aim to increase your chances of acceptance and success in a medical degree. This is due to an intensive preparation which includes practical workshops, study techniques and medically oriented scientific learning.

Getting Started with King Charles Pre-Medical College

Course in Milan, Italy

MARCH 2024

Course in Prague, Czech Republic


Course in Olomouc, Czech Republic


*The clinical programs are under the university’s responsibility.
It is subject to the university’s study programs and to its agreements with hospitals regarding the usage of clinical fields.

**In addition to the tuition fees, for those needing to issue student visas, a course in the Czech Language issued by the university will be offered for an additional cost of 28,000 CZK (Czech Krona).

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International programmes for medical studies are offered throughout Europe. Now, all students from all nationalities and from any study background have the chance to enter a medical school which will allow them to complete a medical degree from a prestigious university and to be accredited as a general doctor. All medical studies within the EU are ruled by the same standards and under the supervision of the European Committee of medical education in the EU.

King Charles Medical College works now with Humanitas University in Milan, Italy as well as with Palacky University and others where our courses are conducted.

King Charles Medical College is proud to offer high quality preparatory studies and welcomes students from all over the world to join us and start their medical education with us.

Sign up today and start your foundation programme, prepare for entrance exams and acceptance to medical studies at Humanitas University in Milan, Palacky University in the city of Olomouc as well as other medical universities in Europe offering international programmes taught in the English language.

*Admission to Humanitas University, Palacky University, and other medical schools is based on their own criteria and admission exam requirements.

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Disclaimer:  This Website ( King Charles College / outlines its collaboration with renowned medical universities for preparatory courses aimed at increasing students’ chances of acceptance into medical schools. It mentions working closely with institutions such as Humanitas University from Milano, Italy, and Palacky University from the Czech Republic. It is clearly stated that there is no legal ownership or employment relationship with these universities and/or with the universities’ personnel. The collaboration is only aimed at preparation for medical studies and includes administrative support for the students. It does not imply, and should not be interpreted as a legal ownership or corporate affiliation. For more detailed information, please refer directly to the college’s website at and/or contact us at [email protected]