All you need to know about medical schools in Czech Republic

MD | MBBS Degree

Medical Studies

MD Studies

MD studies refers to the degree which will give you the knowledge and license to become a professional physician. A medical doctor entitled to prescribe medicine, cure and treat patients for different injuries, deseases, etc.

When becoming a doctor, you’ll be under an old oath called the Hippocratic Oath in which you commit to cure and treat any patient needing medical attention and privacy towards a patient’s case.

Medical Doctors are one of the most prestigious and respected professionals and others will put trust and hope on your knowledge and experience.

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Study MD | MBBS in the Czech Republic

There are numerous reasons why you should consider studying in The Czech Republic.

A European medical degree provides top quality standards for academic studies. Charles University, the First Faculty of Medicine strives for premium education and medical recognition throughout the world.

While being a student from Charles the first faculty, you’ll be given the opportunity to do clinical studies in your home country as well as correlating with other different countries through programmes such as ERASMUS which connects students from different top universities around Europe.

What you need to know about studying your MD | MBBS

Important facts

The MD or MBBS programme usually lasts 6 years. The degree is mostly divided into two main parts – The Pre-Clinical and the Clinical part.

Many students get scared with the fact that the degree lasts 6 years but if you think about it, the pre-clinical part would equal any other BA at any university and the clinical part would be the practical side.

Once graduated, you will be a certified doctor from the country you have achieved your degree. In Europe, within the European Union, a professional doctor holding an MD degree can move around to other countries members of the EU and work without any restrictions, however, it is advisable to double-check the licensing regulations of your country as it is highly likely that you will need to issue a license through what’s usually called residence or internship.

*Note that this period is usually paid and you are already working as a medical doctor.

After completing your MD degree, you will likely search for a specialisation programme at a teaching hospital. This is usually a job you take and you will learn along you deal with real cases as a doctor in real life.

According to the site, salaries in Europe for MD’s may be anywhere from 100K /year to 170K /year.

*This is based on different reports and other sources and is not accurate to 100%.

There’s not one best place to study for an MD but certainly there are a number of excellent universities that offer great academic and opportunity offers. We, as specialists in the Czech Republic can confidently recommend Charles University, The First Faculty of Medicine and Palacky University in the city of Olomouc.