About King Charles Medical College

Foundation with a university level

King Charles Medical College

King Charles medical college was established with the unique concept in and aim of making the acceptance process to medical schools more successful and achievable.

Our academic team consists of experienced professors, doctors and teachers. We aim to give all students the same chances and opportunities!

King Charles Medical College is in close and constant communication with prestigious medical schools which helps with  a proficient preparation and an optimal admission process to a medical degree.

Chalres, periodic system, chemistry, medical

Picture the amazing feeling of beginning your pre-application process and preparation from the very centre of where premium medicine happens.

From now on, a medical degree does not start from the first year of university but from the foundation and preparatory programme from King Charles College, and any student with a complete secondary school diploma or A levels is invited to join.

Constant guidance and support

The right place to start your university degree is with King Charles

Small Classes

Our classes are small in comparison to many other learning facilities and the reason is that we believe that small classes are more effective.

Experienced Professors

All professors at King Charles have profound experience and passion at teaching giving the student a true learning experience.

A unique experience

King Charles College is not only committed to make you a great med student but it offers along an amazing international experience from Prague.

Start now and contact us!

Stop thinking about it and start the process. It's easy and straight forward.
We will help you get there! Our premed classes will start from the very basic material and advance to a high level. You will not believe how far you would have reached over such a short period of time!


Key Features

All you need to know about us.

Based in Prague

King Charles Medical College is based in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic, home to renowned and prestigious medical schools.

Effective Programme of Studies

King Charles College has arranged and put together a complete programme with the aim of direct acceptance for its students.

Exams & Admissions

All exams and admissions to universities are organized by us and the student is guided entirely during the whole process of the programme.

Dormitories & Housing

In the true effort of making student life and transition to university smoother, King Charles College has a set of student rooms and apartments available in Prague.

Our Staff and Contributors

Know our contributors and supporters. Without them, our academic programmes would not be possible.

Dr. Moshe Cohen
Dr. Moshe Cohen


Founder/CEO of King Charles College and M.D Academy.
Dr. Cohen graduated in 2006 from Semmelweis University and since then, has helped thousands of medical students achieve their dreams.

Yotam Ophir
Dr. Yotam Ophir

Operative Manager in Prague.

Instructor and 6th year of Medical Studies at Charles University, The 1st Faculty.

Dr. Adam Schocket
Dr. Adam Shocket

Medical Doctor & Instructor

Dr. Schocket is an experienced lecturer and coordinator of international affairs.

Liat Epstein
Liat Epstein

Didactic Manager

English teacher with over 19 years of experience and didactic manager for all international students.

MMI (oral exams) Trainer