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Have you considered it?  To study dentistry in Europe?

Well, let me make it easier for you.

There are many universities in Europe that offer dentistry programs in English.

These programs are usually highly recognized, with very high standards and at a mere fraction of what you would pay at a university in North America.

The advantages of having your dentistry degree in Europe is also the fact that you are free to work as a professional in any of the countries within the EU. This could mean either you work for a dental clinic, or you open your own personal clinic.

Dentists in Europe can enjoy of freedom but also of a rewarding career where the salary of a European dentist could reach around 12,000 euro or more per month in countries like Sweden, Norway and Belgium.

So what else can you expect when going to study dentistry in Europe?

You can expect diversity, students, professors and teaching assistants from many different parts of the world, many different cultures, a safe environment and of course, great European cuisine.

In Europe, you can study in English or in the local language, and despite the fact that studying in a language that is not yours may sound difficult to do, we still get many students opting to take this route due to the fact that in many countries in Europe, studying in the local language means not having to pay for tuition fees.

Don’t worry, if you are already 100% convinced that you want to study in English, the option is wide.

The countries offering dental studies in English are many and the universities even more.

At King Charles Medical College, we work with medical schools offering dentistry, and we cooperate with universities like Palacky University, Zagreb University, LSMU, Debrecen University and more.

The option to study dentistry in Europe is less popular than studying General Medicine and for this reason, the admissions to the degree is usually more flexible and accessible than the latter one.

When going to study dentistry in Europe you should also consider the following:

You may have to add additional studies in your country of origin, or additional exams.

Despite this fact, we still see many students every year who see the affordable tuition fees and the international experience worth every second and every penny.


In our opinion, going for a dental degree in the EU will be highly beneficial for many different accepts and that’s why we strongly recommend this option.

At King Charles College, we can accept international students to start a pre-medical program that lasts approximately 4 months to prepare for the admission exams and the medical or dental degree.

We must emphasize that a dental degree does not require specialization or internship to be licensed and a new dentist who graduates from the 5-year degree program will be licensed and ready to enter the job market, get hired or work independently as a private dentist.

We invite anyone interested in a dentistry degree to contact us and write to us at [email protected] to get guidance, support and help getting started.

If this is your dream, we can make it possible together.