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Our pre-med online is the ideal solution for those who cannot attend a frontal lecture.

During this programme, you will get access to more than one hundred tuition hours by professors and experts in their field subjects; more than one thousand practice questions taken from previous exams and dozens of video lectures.

This programme will provide you with all the material needed to pass admission exams successfully.

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Our Syllabus


General chemistry

1. Basic terms and concentration units in chemistry

2. The Periodic table

3. Electron configuration of the atom – Quantum theory

4. Chemical bonds

5. Chemical reactions

6. Solutions

7. Colligative properties of solutions

8. Chemical equilibrium

9. Acid base balance

10. Thermodynamics

11. Molecularity and rate of chemical reaction

12. Electrochemistry- Oxidation Reduction reactions

Organic chemistry

1. Isomers

2. Types and mechanism of organic reactions

3. Hybrid states of organic compounds

4. Bonds in organic compounds

5. Alkanes and alkenes

6. Alkyl halides and aryl halogenides

7. Aromatic compounds

8. Oxygen containing organic compounds

9. Oxo compounds

10. Carboxyl group

11. Sulfur containing organic compounds

12. Nitrogen containing organic compounds

Inorganic chemistry

1. Properties of water

2. Properties and characteristics of metals

3. Oxide molecules

4. Grouped elements – Characteristics and typical reactions


1. Basic properties of life

2. Evolution

3. Macromolecules – Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Nucleic acids

4. Cell structure and basic function

5. Cellular membrane

6. Enzymes and Bioenergetics

7. Photosynthesis

8. The cell cycle

9. DNA synthesis

10. Meiosis, Mitosis

11. Basic Genetics

12. Protein synthesis

13. Gene regulation

14. Genetic diseases

15. Pathogens – Viruses, Bacteria, Parasite

16. Types of tissues in the human body



1. Energy

2. Momentum

3. Newton’s laws

4. Fluids

5. Linear and angular movement


1. Basic terms- Current, Voltage, Resistance

2. Capacitors

3. Series and parallel connections

4. Magnetism


1. Radioactivity

2. Optics

3. Electromagnetic radiation

4. Sound waves, ultrasound

Anatomy & Physiology

1. The Cardiovascular system

2. The Lymphatic system

3. The Gastrointestinal system

4. The Excretory system

5. The Respiratory system

6. The Nervous system

7. The Immune system

8. The Endocrine system

9. The Sensory organs

10. The Reproductive systems

11. Embryology

12. The Musculoskeletal system