The First Faculty of Medicine

Charles University

The First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

The First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University was Founded in the 14th century.

As one of the four original faculties of the university, Charles Medical School is one of the most prestigious medical faculties in Czech Republic. Moreover, it is one of the leading medical institutions in Europe.

To this day,  the university can host thousands of medical students on campus.

The academic team is built of hundreds of professionals.


How is it to study a medical degree at The First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University?

When going for a medical degree at Charles University, The First Faculty of Medicine, you’re attending a TOP 1% medical school in the WORLD. 

Charles University, The First Faculty of Medicine, will also allow you to study (when joining the international programmes) to do rotations or part of them back home or in a different country of your choice.

It is important to clarify that the possibility to do rotations abroad has no relation with your home country or any other country. This is because for the clinical rotations which is the last part of your degree are allowed by the school and it is up to the different affiliated hospitals to welcome you to do the rotations with them for a given time.

When attending The First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, you will feel as if you are in at a very important institution from the first day. The buildings are historical and old fashioned with a very special vibe of being at a great university. 

Let’s enumerate a few good traits that this prestigious school offers in our opinion:

  1. Historical Significance: The faculty’s long history gives it a unique charm and a sense of tradition. Being associated with an institution that dates back to the 14th century creates a deep sense of connection with the past and a feeling of being a part of something significant in the world of medicine.

  2. Architectural Grandeur: The buildings housing the First Faculty of Medicine are steeped in history, with striking architecture that adds to the overall ambiance. Walking through the halls, students and faculty alike can marvel at the impressive structures, often boasting elements from various historical periods. The blend of different architectural styles creates an atmosphere of academic prestige and intellectual importance.

  3. Old-Fashioned Charm: The faculty’s buildings may be old-fashioned, but this attribute adds to their allure. The traditional aesthetics and time-worn appearance are reminiscent of a bygone era, further enhancing the sense of being part of an esteemed institution with a legacy that spans centuries.

  4. Vibe of Greatness: As one steps onto the campus of The First Faculty of Medicine, the atmosphere exudes a vibe of greatness and academic excellence. This feeling is palpable and can be inspiring to both students and educators, fostering an environment conducive to learning and scholarly pursuits.

  5. Academic Excellence: Apart from its historical significance and architectural beauty, the First Faculty of Medicine is known for its exceptional academic standards. The faculty offers rigorous medical programs and has produced numerous notable alumni who have made significant contributions to the medical field. This adds to the sense of being at a truly exceptional institution.

  6. Sense of Pride: Attending such a prestigious institution instills a strong sense of pride among students, faculty, and alumni. Being associated with a university that has a long-standing reputation for producing skilled medical professionals and conducting groundbreaking research can significantly influence one’s identity as a medical practitioner or researcher.

Overall, The First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, stands as a symbol of academic eminence, historical significance, and a commitment to advancing medical knowledge. Its combination of remarkable architecture, a sense of tradition, and a focus on academic excellence makes it a cherished institution for those studying medicine and those who contribute to its legacy.


All you need to know about The First Faculty of Medicine

International Programmes

6-year program with a degree as “MUDr” – “Medicinae Universae Doctor” (M.D.) – Doctor of General Medicine

5-year program with a degree as MDDr. – “Medicinae Dentalis Doctor” – Doctor of Dental Medicine

Admission Requirements

A College/ University Degree in full and to successfully pass the entrance examinations.

A complete secondary school diploma from any country and to successfully pass the entrance examinations.

Exam subjects are: Biology, Chemistry, Physiology and Physics.

Tuition Fees

600,000 CZK per year (approx. 24,500 Euro/year).

600,000 CZK per year (approx. 24,500 Euro/year).

Living Expenses

Approximately 600 Euro per month

King Charles College offers student housing – consult with us.

The university also offers housing options (visit their official website