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Good tips for preparation before your admission test

10 things to consider before your admission test for medical school

Many students try to get admission to study medicine every year. Some of them, however, turn to the possibility to study abroad, mainly in Europe, in leading universities such as Charles, the first faculty of medicine, Palacky, Masaryk and others. 

On this article, find 10 tips that you must know and take into account immediately after you have completed the preparatory phase for the entrance exams.


We recommend you print this guide and have it with you while you prepare!

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What have you learnt so far?

. You learned chemistry – everything you need to know about the functioning of the human body at the molecular level.

  • You learned biology – everything you need to know about the functioning of the human body at the cellular level.
  • You learned anatomy and physiology – everything you need to know about the function of the human body at the organ level.
  • You learned classical physics – all about mechanics and electricity, and medical diagnostic equipment.

You studied hard, in classes, you practiced in class and in class, you studied in groups, alone, a difficult time, you made new friendships, combined laughter and crying …. So, everything indicates that you are ready – the big moment has come to determine if you are ready to study medicine this year, when Start learning, and most importantly – Where will you learn?! All this, you must think and plan even before the entrance test.

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10 tips that must be done before the test itself!

Tip number 1Organize your time!

The time should be calculated so that 80% will be devoted to solving the questions and 20% to testing and copying the results to the answer sheet.

Remember – keep eye contact with the watch throughout the test.

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Tip number 2maximize your score!

Easy and medium questions should be solved and do not dwell on solving difficult questions!

Remember – difficult and long questions seem challenging to us, but are actually meant to waste you valuable exam time. The computer that tests the exam does not distinguish between the difficulty levels of the questions and each question has the same score. The hard questions should be kept for the test time, if there is no time – take a guess!

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Tip 3 – Do not change intuitive answers!

Try not to correct an intuitive answer, this usually leads to correcting from a correct answer to a wrong answer.

Remember – if on further reading you have come to the conclusion that you did not understand the question correctly, then correct it! But if the answer came from the stomach, a kind of learned guess, you should not correct it.

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Tip number 4 – sleep well before the test!

Do not get tired and with trout eyes, it does not make a good impression on the examiner nor will help you getting the admission you’re after.

Remember – arrive alert, with energies for a long day of cult exams and then an exam taken that day.

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Tip number 5 – eat well before the exam!

During the exam eat “well” and stimulating sugars – dates, bananas, almonds and nuts.

Remember – good sugars help raise the sugar level and overcome the fatigue of the substance, during the long exam day.

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3 Tips for your oral exams

Tip number 6 – Demonstrate self-confidence!

Wear a “mask” and maintain composure and self-confidence.

Remember – an oral test is a kind of show where you are the main actor, even if you are really stressed, it does not look good and seems to the examiner as a weakness and lack of knowledge!

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Tip number 7 Be polite and speak with good manners always!

European examiners should be given the respect they deserve!

Remember – a smile, calmness are important for communication with the examiner, do not look smug or rude to the examiners, even in moments of frustration or despair, show the officials that you are an educated person with high standards.

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Tip number 8 – respectable clothing!

Make sure that you look presentable!

Remember – custom-made pants and a button-down shirt are the basis … There is no need for a full suit, but you should dress in a way that shows that you respect the event of the exam …. so will the examiners.

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And the last 2 tips are:

Tip number 9 – Do not smoke!

Try not to smoke during your learning process!

Remember – do not smoke any type of tobacco, herb or other substances. Smoking reduces the blood supply to the brain and makes you less bright.

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Tip 10Exercise!

Do aerobic exercise 3 or 4 times a week!

Remember – physical training improves blood flow to the brain and makes you smarter. Both during learning and during the exam itself. Physical fitness improves your ability to concentrate and so does your ability to take a long and difficult test. Most recommended – swimming, running or bicycling.

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