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3 Reasons European universities are cheaper than North American ones

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European Universities are way much cheaper than in North America

It is not a secret that studying in Europe can save you thousands of dollars, but why is that?

It is known that European universities are highly renown and with very high standards so why is their tuition fees structure so different than in countries like the US, Canada or Britain?


Again here is our little disclaimer – We are commenting on this topic solely based on our own research and understanding of the matter but there may be points that we miss to mention or you may find not entirely accurate and if so feel free to contact us.

without further ado, here are our main 3 reasons why (we believe) European Universities are a lot cheaper than other countries.

1. Europe wants every student to be able to study

Europe has a way to facilitate studies to its citizens and even to international students. As a matter of fact, most of the degrees you can find (local programmes), if you hold a European passport, you will see that the education is either free or of a very low cost.

Some countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and others have even entirely free degrees for everyone, European and non-European.

In their eyes, studies should not be a privilege of just a few.

On the other hand, there are many international programmes that started because they saw that there was a demand for it and charging fees in a way, is their methodology to filter international students and to make a profit that will benefit the school.

Having said that, there are also private schools and universities that as any private institution they were created with the mean to offer a service for a fee.

Regardless if private or public, when you are charged for a tuition fee, either way it will never be as much as American or Canadian or some British school costs because they have maintain certain proportions between the local and the international programmes.

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2. Most Universities in Europe are Public and Funded by the State

Unlike many universities in the United States or Canada, most universities in Europe are public and they are not heavily funded. All students get necessary environments, materials and supplies for optimal studies but unlike universities in North America, they are not heavily funded and operate on a different concept.

While you study at American and Canadian campuses, you get pretty much the treatment of a private institutions with sports centres and other luxuries.

On top of that, universities in North America sponsor sports team and pay heavy salaries to their coaches and other club members where in Europe this is not how they work.

Don’t get me wrong though, European universities still offer plenty of sport activities and other extra curricular seminars and events, but it is managed differently.

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3. European countries subsidize their higher education

Taxes in Europe are higher than in other parts of the world and some of the European countries have even higher taxes.

One of the uses of these taxes are for education and they are put to work.

Because of this, European citizens enjoy better possibilities to join more schools and it is one way what keeps the prices relatively low and steady through out the years.

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All you need to know about medical studies in Czech Republic

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