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What are the Charles University Acceptance Rates?

The acceptance rate for Charles University, the first faculty of medicine for the year 2018/2019 was of 17% according to a research study done by the faculty. 

*This data is from approximately 1,700 applicants for the same academic year*

  1. What are the acceptance rates based on?
  2. Why are the numbers showing improvement despite the decrease in acceptance rates?
  3. What are the steps of applying to the first faculty of Charles University?
  4. How can I prepare for such steps of examination?
  5. What documents are needed to apply to Charles University?
  6.  Conclusion and Final thought

Charles University Acceptance rates are based on the number of applicants of the same academic year, compared to the number of accepted applicants.

Charles University has seen an increased over the years of applicants applying to the medical degree offered by the university. This demonstrates two key points:

1 – The increase in popularity of the faculty and

2- The increase of applicants for a medical degree

Charles University First Faculty Of Medicine

Charles University has been clearly improving its presence over the years. Has maintained a TOP performance with its research department and improved its performance with accepted USMLE students, achieving an unprecedented 100% success rate with both step 1 and step 2 of the demanding test. It is also good to note here that Charles University (the first faculty of medicine) is a fully accredited university in the US, UK and throughout the EU.

If you look at the statistics published by Charles University in regards of applicants and accepted students, you could clearly see the increase of applicants over the years at a constant and steady rate. What this means is that more applicants are applying to Charles University, the first faculty and by default, we get less acceptance rates since the number of accepted applicants has to be more or less the same each year despite of the increase in applications.

Charles University, unlike other faculties, has a very straightforward application method.

Students are invited to submit an application online and select a date for their entry test.

*Note that if you are part of the official Medical Foundation Year at King Charles College, then we apply together when applications open.

The entry exam for Charles University (The First Faculty of Medicine) has two sections. One is a written part that lasts for about 2 hours and one is an oral part which lasts for about 40 minutes or so. Both parts are demanding and one must be prepared to take them. Here is where I should mention that even with scientific background from school, if you’re not prepared for the exam, then your chances of success are not very high as you could see in the graph above.

Studying Medicine - King Charles College

King Charles Medical College specialises in the training and preparation for the entrance examination for Charles University, and even though the preparatory program focuses on Charles University, the first faculty, the program will by default prepare students for any medical degree and for any written exam for any medical school within Europe.

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Charles University has a simple and straightforward application requirement. They demand to have a complete high school diploma from any country and without any specification with grades. This means that if you have a complete high school diploma but your grades were not great, you can still apply, pass their entrance exam and get accepted.

Medical schools in Europe

Acceptance rates for Charles University are decreasing in comparison with the increasing number of applicants each year, however, if we look at the plane numbers, the acceptance number is more or less, steady over the years in the range between 250 and 350 accepted applicants each year and yet the rate of acceptance seems to be decreasing, Charles University is increasing with its reputation, success and recognition making the university a TOP selection in Europe and great option for those students that are interested in attending a university with a good name and offering good opportunities for its graduate doctors.

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