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A glance at the best faculties at Karlova University

Do you aspire to study medicine abroad? Or maybe you are inclined towards mathematics and physics. Then Europe is the ideal destination for you. You must be wondering where you can pursue your desired subject in the huge continent. Relax! Karlova Univerzity (Charles University) in Prague has the best faculty of medicine. The institute also boasts of world-class education in mathematics and physics.

Founded in 1348, Karlova Univerzita is one of the oldest universities in the world. Yet it is popularly known as a modern, dynamic, cosmopolitan, and most respected institution for imparting higher education to both native and foreign students. This prestigious institution ranks as one of the top three universities in Eastern and Central Europe and enjoys a world rank of around 200-300. Karlovy Univerzity also offers a broad range of study programs in social sciences, humanities, education, sport sciences, law, pharmacy, computer science, dentistry, and more. Its faculties welcome around 50,000 students including 9,000 students from all over the world to join their premier academic community.

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First Faculty of Medicine

The First Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1348 at the same time as that of the university itself and it is the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe. The faculty provides detailed education on general medicine. Besides, there are second and third faculties of medicine as well both in Prague.


Why choose First Faculty of Medicine?

At this faculty, students get to learn everything needed in the future for their medical careers in an outstanding learning environment with the support of friendly professors. This makes learning a fun experience. Moreover, many teachers at Karlova Univerzity are also associated with reputed scientific societies in the Czech Republic and overseas and enjoy leading positions at various Czech health care centers. Additionally, the 1st Faculty of Medicine has an extensive clinical base among all Czech medical faculties which enables 4th-year students to reap this benefit. Besides, the use of simulators helps students      enhance their skills in both practical and theoretical knowledge.

The First Faculty of Medicine also currently offers a study program in General Medicine and Dentistry both in English. While General Medicine is a 6-year program, Dentistry is a 5-year program.


2-nd Faculty of Medicine

The 2nd Faculty of Medicine, also part of Karlova Univerzita in Prague, situated in Motol University Hospital where the studies are conducted. The Faculty promises its students to conduct outstanding theoretical and pre-clinical classes in Motol.

The prime objective of this faculty is to offer distinguished and internationally-recognized medical work and enrich medical knowledge to its students by training them and carrying out extensive research. They have a strong clinical background that prepares students for top-quality training with a special emphasis on practical work.

Additionally, the best part of the faculty of medicine at this varsity is both the students and teachers are not just doctors but they are well-known public figures and are popular sportsmen and sportswomen.

Excited about the fact but you must be wondering how to get through such a prestigious institute you have dreamt of for so long to study medicine. Isn’t it? Fret not! Enrolling yourself in a pre-med course (pre-medical program) prior to your admission is recommended as they are designed to help you better prepare yourself for the desired subject.

At Karlova Univerzity, every dream is an opportunity that leads you to the path of success. We truly hope that this piece of information has made you determined to be a part of the Karlova Univerzita community.