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What's a degree in Medicine with a Foundation Year?

In this article, we will discuss a study of medicine with a foundation year / Foundation year in Medicine, and the correct way to make it to medical school and become a certified medical doctor.

Over the pas few years we have been seen an increasing number of applicants to a medical degree in different parts of the world and with many different universities.

A medical degree may sound really attractive to many students, especially when we have on TV and on main stream media, very popular shows such as Chicago Med or the Good Doctor that depicts doctors in different ER and hospitals as real heroes saving lives and having very good lives and apparently doing very well financially.

Being a medical doctor it is a prestigious profession and if you get to call yourself one day a Dr. you’ll know exactly what we mean with that.

But can anyone really become a medical doctor? – According to King Charles Medical College, the answer is ‘YES’, but not everyone is really willing to go through what it takes to make it to medical school.

A few years ago, many different universities developed the international programs opening doors to literally any student wanting to study for a medical degree even if this one did not have a scientific background. How so? – These international programs are ready to take students who pass successfully an admission criteria process such as a written exam and/or an oral exam without even considering old grades from school or curriculum a student chose while in high school.

This methodology to accept students invited thousands of students from literally every possible country in the world to start a medical degree and to achieve what was before almost an impossible dream.

But despite the good opportunity to enroll in a medical degree, many of these applicants starting to realize they were still failing or not being accepted.

The problem was and still is, that even with good opportunities to enroll in a medical school, the difficulty of acceptance and the difficulty of what doing a medical degree entails did not decrease.

Students were falling and dropping in masses due to lack of preparation for admission exams and for the medical degree as a whole.

When universities realized of this gap which admission criteria vs readiness of students created, they started incorporating Medicine Foundation Year courses in which students were invited to join the university before their medical degree to prepare and pass admission exams.

When we speak about studying medicine foundation year, we are referring to these type of programs in which you can still join and come as ready as you can ever be to be successful during your medical degree.

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Accredited Medical Universities are available

Studying Medicine - King Charles College

Medical Foundation Year at KCC

King Charles College, a medical educational program created in coordination with Charles University, The First Faculty of Medicine and in cooperation with other prestigious medical schools such as Palacky University, Zagreb University and LSMU to name a few, was developed exactly on this purpose to fill the gap and make it happen for any student wanting to succeed in a medical degree.

On top of that, the college is now offering the chance to get language courses in the Czech language and to gain academic credits that one can transfer to the medical degree once accepted.

So what is this medicine foundation year from King Charles College?

The foundation year in medicine is a 5-month program, and a 10-month program in which students come to Prague to Charles University and start with scientific courses plus language courses throughout the entire period of studying and raising their chances of success significantly higher.

Local Medical Programs, have NO-Tuition fees!

Studying Medicine in a Foundation Year Program

King Charles Medical College invites you to join and get it right from the very start with an intensive and effective medical program, teaching you biology, chemistry, physics, physiology and anatomy in ways you haven’t done before; with a university level and all medically oriented material, practice examples and simulations.

On top of all this, you’ll be exposed to more than 1500 hours of Czech (when choosing the 10-month program) which will make you able to apply to most Czech Universities in the local language and TUITION-FREE 100%


It is true that now, everyone has a chance to study medicine with a foundation year and everyone who wishes to start a medical degree in a prestigious and accredited university can do it as well.

Don’t hesitate to contact King Charles Medical College for guidance and to have a free consultation with one of our professional student counselors.

Best wishes with your studies future doctors!

Get Started in a few easy Steps

Start right away by contacting one of King Charles College’s student counsellors or simply by submitting a contact request form here on the website.

Once that’s done, we will set up either a one on one call or video call and we will attempt to answer your questions. 

On many occasions, you will be able to get material from us, including explanatory videos on how all is done and what is needed from you.

Finally, once you feel ready, we will get you started with our professional Medicine Foundation Year which starts either in October or September of each year.

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