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Pre Med Courses

Who is this for?

Our Pre-Med Courses are meant for anyone who ever dreamed or is dreaming of becoming a doctor.

If you have no background in science, if your grades are not enough to get accepted in your country or if you simply want to become a doctor from a renowned Medical University in Europe, then this is the right place for you.

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4 Simple steps to a fast acceptance

Our formula is simple: Experience + Professionalism + Hard work = Success

Step 1: Join our Pre Med

During the Pre Med, you will learn how to study, how to prepare and how to excel on your entrance exams.

Step 2: Apply to Universities

Along the intensive pre med course, we will start applying together to the different medical universities.

Step 3: Take Entry Exams

We will organize the entry exams and let you know when and how to take them. Exams may be online or frontal.

Step 4: Start Medical School

Congratulations, you've been accepted and now you can start your Medical Degree.

When do exams take place?

March Exams

These exams correspond to the pre med course that starts in October. The exams will follow an intensive and effective 22-week course

June Exams

These exams correspond to the pre med course that starts in Febraury and September. The exams will follow an intensive and effective 22 and 38-week course

Student Housing Available!

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Study abroad but feel at home with King Charles College. High standard housing options are available to its students.

Check out our options for student dorms and studios that we have available in Prague.

Pre Med Course Details

- Intensive and Profound Foundation Pre Med Programs -

22 & 38 WEEKS

A Unique Opportunity!

Pre-med courses are more popular these days since students from all over the world are noticing how difficult it is to be accepted to a good medical school. A premed course is usually a good base for knowledge and practice but also for preparation for a very difficult degree.

Unfortunately, it is still a huge number of students who think they can succeed in one of the most demanding degrees and professions just after high school and usually what happens is that without a premed course, they fail a few attempts before understanding they need the extra help.

Students, high school is not a medical degree and you must step up and prioritize your interests. Is it acceptance only or a successful career? is it both? Then a pre-med course should be strongly considered.

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