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Study abroad and find the perfect degree that suits your needs. In this article, we discuss 5 reasons why you should do it!

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5 Good Reasons to Study Abroad!

Have you ever considered to study abroad? If so, you’re not alone.

Thousands of students from around the world choose to study abroad each year. The reasons are different for every student, but there are some common factor denominators for a good number of them and we will enumerate them here.

  • The budget denominator
  • The difficulty to study at your home country denominator
  • The desire for emigration/immigration denominator
  • The opportunity denominator
  • The sense of adventure denominator
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..Many of the international programs help solve economic issues for students..

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The Budget Denominator

When going for a university degree, even if you decide to stay at your home country, for some students, this means having to ask for heavy loans and/or moving to a different city where usually the living costs are high and/or even commuting to where your university is may be pricey.

Students often feel they are trapped in their lives without an exit in which they struggle to keep up with the high costs that demand being a student. Some will get part-time jobs, some even full-time jobs that will decrease productivity in their studies, but the bottom line is that when a student feels that he or she is in one of this situations, it could lead to frustration and an overall difficult and harsh student experience.

Many of the international programs come to solve these economical issues by offering a much cheaper option while at the same time, providing an opportunity for students to be independent and mature, all this while studying their degree of choice.

The budget denominator is definitely a reason to consider to study abroad.

..Acceptance rates in your home country may be very low..

The Difficulty to Study at your Home Country Denominator

Another crucial factor is acceptance rates in your home country for the university degree of your choice.

For example, here at King Charles Medical College, we help students with their medical degrees, and we know that in countries like the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Norway to mention a few, acceptance rates (in comparison with the number of applicants) are very low and most of the applications for a medical degree are not going to be even considered, let alone the fact that many of students who want to study a medical degree won’t even apply due to insufficient criteria points (not having the demanded grades or subjects from school).

This problem is not only applied to medical degrees but could be to any other like engineering or architecture, but the reality is that many of the students that are not given the chance to even apply to end up going for a different degree which is not what they really wanted to do.

Well, international programs, especially the ones in Europe, offer a chance to actually do what you want to do and with a very straightforward criteria process. They definitely solve this problem big time.

At King Charles College, for instance, we receive thousands of requests from students wanting to start their medical degree, knowing they cannot apply in their home countries.

The Desire for Emigration/Immigration Denominator

There is and has been always a huge demand for people from all over the world to move and start new lives elsewhere.

People move and immigrate to better places for so many different reasons we will not describe them here, but the desire to get a better job or a better education is surely a good reason for many students to seek an immigration status in other countries.

For many, becoming an international student open doors for this; students can start a student degree, get a student visa and move to a new place and after graduation simply request a residence status where they are.

In Europe, the advantage of studying in one of the EU member countries gives the option to the student to freely work elsewhere within the EU and settle in any member country once he/she’s graduated and already established in one of these countries.

Because in King Charles Medical College we work within the EU, I could say that as far as we know, after a temporary residency status of a student for 5 years in one of the member countries, this one could apply for a permanent residency and simply continue his/hers professional and personal life there.

The Opportunity Denominator

On many occasions, students find an opportunity gap to move out of their countries and find themselves in a different country studying their degree of choice.

Such opportunities could be an internship in one of the affiliated universities from their own university back home (such as ERASMUS) or maybe a close family member inviting the student to join them and study while being close to them.

Opportunities for students show up all the time for distinct reasons and in many distinct aspects but nonetheless, it is a well-known factor why a student may decide to go for a university degree abroad and study elsewhere.

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The Sense of Adventure Denominator

Last but not least is the sense of adventure and the need for a new challenge.

Many of the students find themselves in routine and mundane lives going to the same places and talking to the same people for several months and years.

An international experience breaks that giving a chance to change, to improve and to experience something new. Many psychologists agree that starting at a new place is in many ways like to being re-born and more than once, we really wish we could start anew.

Studying abroad can do this for someone who is in need of this type of change.

Conclusions and thoughts about Study Abroad

There can be many reasons why students may want to study abroad, but the truth is that regardless of your reason, you can be sure that you are making a correct one as going to study abroad means morally, psychologically and socially an amazing experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life and that it will impact your life immensely.

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