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Are you interested to study medicine abroad? On this article we will explain how this is done and what are the TOP criteria to actually do it.

Medical Degrees

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Starting with a Medical Education Abroad

Are you considering a medical degree outside your country? – if you are, then let’s give you a few great tips to study medicine abroad.

More and more students are realizing that to study medicine abroad could be the best option for them, especially when getting accepted to any medical degree gets harder and harder with time.

Acceptance was once something that could depend only on the background you had from school, and this means that if you decided to a different route in school (since as a young student sometimes is really difficult to make life-lasting choices), then this means that you had no chance to start a medical degree at all, or at least not until you had validated the required scientific subjects such as chemistry, biology and physics.

Fortunately for us, this is not the case anymore and more, and more universities around the globe are coming to realize that limiting a student does not benefit anyone.

In Europe, we started having international programs that understood there was a need for a more flexible option to accept someone to study medicine abroad without decreasing the academic standards. This gave rise to the highly awarded medical degrees that we see today.

These degrees are taught in English and are available to any student (yes any student!) that applies to the admission exams or interviews and successfully passes them.

What this means is that if you are one of those students that never took science in school or did not very well with grades, you now have the option to start from anew with a new opportunity to shine and yes, become a renowned medical doctor (or dentist, or veterinarian) and achieve this once impossible dream that now is really possible.

Medical School

When Study Medicine Abroad, all your investments will pay off in the end

The Catch

If you were wondering what the catch is, or how this is possible, let me answer to you.

The “catch” is that these universities offering medical degrees in English became profitable and understood that on top of the good deed of allowing students from around the world to join a medical degree, they were actually onto some good business.

Having said this, one must understand that going for a medical degree abroad comes with costs and these are not small.

In my time advising students and talking to so many on a daily basis, I tend to recommend for a moment to think on a same business mind model as the universities do. For example, if you’re considering the fact that a medical doctor in Europe will make around six to eight thousand euro per month as a salary, then your investment suddenly makes much more sense.

The problem with students, is that they usually tend to see expenses as that, an expense, or something they will pay out and not have it anymore but the reality is that education (and especially the profession of a doctor) WILL pay off your investments.

Local Medical Programs are Tuition-Free

Study Medicine Abroad Can be Really Affordable too!

What happens when you are a motivated student that wishes to study medicine abroad but can’t afford the heavy annual tuition fees?

Therefore, Charles University, the first faculty offers together with King Charles College, the opportunity of coursing a 10-month long and intensive program in which you study in English (all the scientific classes), but at the same time you are fed with more than one thousand and five hundred hours of Czech language! – This means that after 10 long months of highly intensive training, you could be able to apply for a local medical degree in Prague and guess what? Local Medical Degrees in the Czech Republic have ZERO Tuition Fees.

What this means is that your investment is reduced to ONLY the tuition of the foundation year of 10 months.

When you do the math, no other international program gets that affordable.

For instance, Ukrainian medical degrees or Russian medical degrees or Romanian medical degrees are about four thousand euros per year, making the overall tuition fees for your medical degree about thirty thousand euros in total.

Local programs (being free), would mean that you would have paid about half of that by the end of your seven-year medical degree.



To summarize, we agree that studying a medical degree abroad may not be easy or affordable to everyone, but you can still have good options, and yes, study medicine abroad will still be a very smart choice of anyone who wishes to finally achieve a dream and become a doctor.

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