Top Medical School In Europe

Top Medical School In Europe

A Guide to Best Medical Schools in Europe

Aspiring to pursue medicine after high school? Exploring opportunities abroad? You can consider joining one of the top medical schools in Europe. Besides historical monuments and cultural diversity, Europe also happens to host some of the highest-ranking medical schools in the world, offering stellar medical programs.

While some of the best medical schools in Europe are concentrated in the Western European countries, namely the UK and Germany, there is no shortage of reputable medical institutions on the eastern part of the continent. These colleges have witnessed a surge in the influx of foreign students in recent years. Especially, some of the colleges in the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, and Poland have become quite popular among North American and Asian students.

From affordable tuition fees to a higher acceptance rate, there are various reasons behind Europe’s growing popularity as a top destination for studying medicine.

For those who are looking to pursue medicine in Europe, we have compiled the names of some of the top institutions located not only in Western Europe but also on the eastern side of the continent.

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Boasting a glorious alumni list comprising 28 British prime ministers and 56 Nobel Laureates, Oxford is high on the list of all students around the world. This thousand-year-old university ranks number one in the world in medicine, according to the Times Higher Education Supplement (2011-16). No prize for guessing – entering this prestigious institution is not going to be easy. Painstaking preparation is needed to get admission here.

ETH Zurich

Ranked 11th in the world, this 150-year old ETH Zurich is known for its contributions to the field of STEM research. A degree from this internationally acclaimed university can give you a strong foundation for an outstanding medical career.

LMU Munich, Germany

This university’s glorious history dates a few centuries back. Presently ranked 32nd globally, this institution can be a good choice for those interested in not just becoming a doctor but pursuing advanced research in various fields of medicine and treatment.

Karolinska Institute

Ranked 40th worldwide, this is one of the most prestigious medical schools in the whole world. Situated near Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, Karolinska is known for its research and game-changing innovations in medical science.

Charles University

Located in Prague, Czech Republic, this university boasts a significantly high world ranking. One of the top medical schools in Europe, it enjoys one of the best scores in the Academic Reputation indicator – the second-highest score in EECA.

Jagiellonian University, Poland

Based in Kraków, Jagiellonian University is ranked 14th in EECA and has a world ranking of 301-350. The oldest university in Poland, it also enjoys the sixth rank for its academic reputation in the EECA.

Semmelweis University

Located in Budapest, Hungary, this centuries-old university enjoys a world ranking of 151-200 for medicine. This university is among the top 150 colleges in the world for teaching Pharmacy.

To round up

While researching for a suitable medical school in Europe, you will come across a multitude of options based on admission formalities, different teaching styles, course duration, fee structure, the difficulty level in getting admission, and more. You need to zero in a country after weighing your situation carefully.  We hope that our list of the best medical schools in Europe will be sure to make this process easier for you.