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Medicine & Surgery in Prague

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Medicine is a vast discipline and only a reputed institution is the best place to study it. If you keep your options open, you have a variety of choices around the world. That might make it sound like a “piece of cake” but choosing medical schools to apply to can be one of the critical decisions of your life. Thorough research and advanced planning can save you from nasty surprises in the future.

When it comes to studying medicine abroad, you can keep Europe on top of your bucket list as this continent is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools and research facilities in the world. Not only the cost of studying medicine in Europe is way cheaper than in the USA, but it also takes considerably less time to earn your medical degree in Europe.

While exploring medical programs in Europe, you will come across a multitude of options relating to curriculums, style of instruction, as well as varied entry requirements. There are a few things to keep in mind while zeroing on a particular program. Here we have compiled a few points that need to be considered while looking for your dream college.

Check the World University Rankings

Check the university ranking provided by the Times Higher Education to start your shortlisting process. There are many other websites that offer rankings of medical schools in Europe such as QS Rankings. These rankings are all based on excellence in higher education.

Also, take a look at the average acceptance rates to get an idea about the difficulty level involved in the university application process.

Residency Placement Rates

If you plan to return to your home country after completing your degree, then check the residency placement stats of your shortlisted schools.  All this information is available on college websites. This is important because to start practising in your home country, you’ll have to obtain your doctor’s license.  And for that, you’ll have to complete your residency training, first.

For example, if you hope to build your medical career in the USA after earning a degree from a European college, you should check the US residency placement stats of the college. You might face difficulties in getting a residency placement when you return. Always choose a school with a record of the high placement of residencies outside the school’s country. 

For that matter, find out the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) pass rates of the previous students. If you are planning to practice in the USA, then select a medical school with a record of a high USMLE pass rate. Choose an institution that has a consistent record of pass rates above the national average.

Cost Versus Your Budget

Tuition fees in European schools are generally lower than the US schools but then, tuition fees are not the only expenses you’ll have to bear to complete your degree. Before choosing a university just for its low tuition cost, just take the other lifestyle costs into account and then take the decision.

Remember, while studying abroad, you’ll have to bear multiple extra costs including unforeseen expenses. Therefore, while setting your budget or arranging for the loan, keep all these points in mind as well. 

Availability of funding

While searching for your dream school, check if any government funding or scholarships are available to complete your education. Be doubly sure about the same as any disruption can jeopardize your career.

Different universities excel in different areas. Remember, although studying medicine in Europe is generally more affordable than studying in the US, some countries can help you save more. For example, a sizeable number of students are flocking to the Czech Republic to join the highly esteemed medicine program of Charles University. Considering all these factors, it’s worth your effort when it comes to exploring various options in Europe. However, while choosing medical schools to apply to, do keep your specialization interest in mind.