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A Guide to Studying Dentistry in Czech Republic’s Charles University

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Guide for Studying Dentistry in the Czech Republic

A Guide to Studying Dentistry In Czech Republic’s Charles University

Isn’t it beautiful to make people smile? As a dentist, you can do just that.  And if you find this idea fascinating, head to Europe to study dentistry.  In this article, we will tell you about the best Czech Republic Dentistry program and how to go about it.

Charles University offers the best program in dentistry In Czech Republic

Various universities in this country offer courses in dentistry. Ranked among the first 80 European universities, Charles University has the largest faculty of dentistry in this country. The University offers a five-year program that is equivalent to a master’s degree or MDDr.

An Outline of the Program

Each academic year consists of two semesters – the winter semester spanning from September to February and the spring semester that lasts from February to June. There are 17 departments under the university with campuses in Prague, Hradec Kralove, and Pilsen. Every department has various sub-departments, and research facilities with high-tech infrastructure.

The colleges

The dentistry department of Charles University is divided into two campuses – the First Dentistry Faculty is situated in Prague and the other in Hradec Kralove. Each has its English medium departments which have been offering courses to international students since 1992-1993.

The two centers are located within just one hour’s driving distance from one another. It will be relevant to mention here that the road connecting the two colleges is known for its scenic beauty.

Study Dentistry in Czech Republic Charles University’s Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

Both the graduate and post-graduate dentistry programs in the Czech Republic are designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge in all fields of general medicine with an emphasis on the orofacial system.

As a student of dentistry in the Czech Republic, you are expected to learn the nitty-gritty of oral health. You will be trained on how to diagnose, and treat conditions related to oral health.

In this department, you will also be taught cosmetic dentistry which involves aesthetic surgery of teeth and gums.  Besides an in-depth study into oral medicine, you will be also introduced to other disciplines of science.

In short, the course will prepare you to perform all types of interventions required to prevent, diagnose or treat various oral conditions.

MD D in Dentistry at Charles University’s Hradec Králové

The graduate program offered in this center is aimed at preparing students for a flourishing clinical dental practice. The students are rigorously trained in the skills relating to clinical dentistry.

The idea is to enable the students to work anywhere in the world. Special focus is given on building communication skills so that they can well address their patients’ needs. On this campus, students can get to learn evidence-based dentistry on the foundation of extensive theoretical knowledge.

Tuition Fees

If you are planning to study dentistry in the Czech Republic, first know about the course fee you have to pay. The dentistry program will cost you approximately CZK 360,000 per year (approx. 16,800 USD). It should be noted that the entire year’s fee is payable in advance before the beginning of the year.

The Czech Republic dentistry – a round-up

In the end, we must remind you that dentistry is an extensive discipline that encompasses not only the issues of your teeth and gums but also addresses problems related to the human skull and facial region, starting with the jaw to the cranium.

Your program in dentistry in the Czech Republic will help you learn about overall oral health including maxillofacial structures.  The course will allow you to explore numerous diagnostic methods and modern treatments as well as an extensive range of dental procedures. Most importantly, these programs will help you develop skills to manage and address pain and make people smile and feel more confident about their appearances.