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The short answer is YES!

To answer better this question, we must explain what a pre-med is.

A pre med or premedical course is the course or classes that you take prior to your medical degree.

Many universities offer an incorporated pre-med foundation year program, prior to he start of the medical degree and in countries like the US, there’s an option to do a bachelor’s degree in pre-med science before students apply to a medical degree.

Opting for a pre med course may make a big difference on the results of your admission exams but also once you are already in a medical degree.

There’s a reason why not everyone is a doctor.

Being a medical doctor means that you are knowledgable to treat the wounded and help heal the sick. A medical doctor is the most qualified person when saving lives in the health field.

As a medical student you will be bombarded with new material to learn and memorize, and you will need to be able to cope with all that new information.

A pre med student learns during the course how to cope with such new information and how to organize his or her time to study better.

You will need all your preparation and dedication from the pre-medical course to pass successfully the admission exams but also to push forward your studies during the medical degree itself.

Another point to mention is that students usually tend to look at the best or cheapest option for them to be accepted but they don’t really think about what happens after graduation.

Let me tell you then that when you are a medical student, your goal is to become a certified doctor in end eventually and for that reason, when choosing to start a medical degree, you better have sorted out all your studies and that should include a per-medical program.

So is pre med worth it? Given the fact that when not taking a pre med you may have to re-take exams, and maybe spend more time and money trying to get accepted then the answer should be yes.

What if I have really good grades from high school in science?

If you were a good student in high school and your grades are really good, a pre med will enforce that and teach you how to use what you already have in your favour. This means that you could become a top student within your class in medical school and that will reflect incredible specializations, residency opportunities and more.

If you had very good grades from school, however, decided to take the admission exams and managed to pass, then it is likely than other students who did take a pre med course, will be likely to be either at your level or even more, which means that you will have more difficulties excelling in medical school.

To wrap it up, is pre med worth it? The short answer is that ‘of course, it surely is’