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Medical Degree Online - Can it be possible?

A medical degree online by default cannot be possible (at least in its totality) since you must be able to interact with patients and be in the surroundings of a hospital for a great part of it.

Sometimes students ask me if the medical degree can be done online. This is understandable, especially after 2.5 years of Covid pandemic in the world, and even now when the pandemic is staying behind us, people are still scared and many would want to work online, stay in their comfort zone and out of any risk, plus, let’s face it, being home and doing things online is just so ,uch more convenient and less scary right?

Well, the thing is that Medical Studies don’t really adapt to all of the stated above.

As a medical doctor, you are in a constant call to help the sick, heal the injured and attend your patients in the closest and most adequate way. You’ll have to get your hands dirty, inform of different diagnosis face to face and most importantly, you will have to exit your comfort zone.

For all these reasons and more, an online medical degree (MBBS Degree) is just not realistic (at least right now).

We expect the future of medicine to adapt to new technologies and maybe in a near future with Virtual Reality and remotely controlled robots, for example, a doctor might be able to stay online from far away while treating a patient hundreds of kilometres away, but today, this is not the reality of things, even so, a student should get close to real cases and should be able to work inside a hospital and not from home.

During the pandemic of Covid, we saw a number of universities allowing students to stay home for the first semester or for theoretical classes and yes, they did conducted online lessons according to the given situation, however, as already mentioned, for the most part of the degree a student will have to be physically present in the labs, classes and practical sessions in hospitals and medical facilities.

To summarize it, a medical degree online is just not a realistic option and if you’re intending to become a good medical doctor, you will also want to get out of your comfort zone, experience real-life medical scenarios and study in person at the excellent medical universities out there.

King Charles College offers a Premedical Foundation Year Course in which you’re invited to come to Prague, The Czech Republic to stay for either 5 months or 10 months to learn and prepare for a medical degree and for admission exams.

If you’d like to read more about King Charles Medical College with Charles University, you can do so HERE.