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To study medicine in Europe may be the best decision you’d ever made if you’re intending to become a medical doctor and I will explain why.

Medical degrees offered all over the world present different challenges to their students. Some schools will be more demanding than others and some will offer different and unique opportunities to its graduates.

For many years, the medical degree was an impossible dream for many; demanding in many occasions impossible marks or having their applicants pass nearly impossible standardized tests.

When it comes to study medicine in the US, students are faced with high demands AND very high tuition fees making the possibility to become a medical doctor even harder.

Europe came up with an amazing initiative in the past years which is an open degree for all students from any nation and offering studies in English and their local languages.

The idea with this initiative was to give a chance to anyone wishing to become a doctor without having to struggle with impossibilities.

These internationalization of medical degrees proved to be very successful for students, universities and nations that had suddenly a good supply for qualified medical doctors and eventually proving to be very beneficial economically speaking.

To study medicine in Europe suddenly became not only a good option, but also an excellent investment and financial plan.

So why is considering a medical degree a very smart idea when thinking on becoming a medical doctor?

Let’s start with the fact that education in Europe is significantly cheaper and much more affordable than studying and living anywhere in the US or Canada

It is well known that a medical education in the US or Canada may cost anywhere around 300,000 dollars or more while in Europe you can find accredited medical universities for about half that sum or less.

As difficult as this may sound, we are seeing more and more international students trying this option.

What about the requirements for Studying for a Medical Degree in Europe?

Europe, unlike American colleges, does not demand the students to do a bachelor’s degree before applying to a medical program. In Europe, a high school diploma is sufficient to apply for a 6 year medical program that is divided usually in 2 halves, the first part is a pre-clinical one and the second part is a clinical one which lasts also 3 years.

A student becomes a certified medical doctor after 6 years of completion at a medical university.

What happens after one is certified as a medical doctor?

A student becomes officially a medical doctor after graduating from a 6 year degree and immediately seeks a specialization opportunity at a hospital that will hire him, train him and give him the specialization that he or she wants.

Unlike in the US, European graduates do not need to go through a residency period but rather they go directly to a specialization department.

The differences are not big since as a US resident, you will be attached to someone eventually that will guide you through a specialization so it gets similar but with minor differences.

What do we recommend?

King Charles Medical College prepares for you to study medicine in Europe regardless of the school you choose in the end and offers the chance to be European certified, prepared for the USMLE and get the American certification as well and be able to work locally or internationally as a medical professional.

If you’d like to read more about the programs that King Charles College offers read more HERE.