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Universities with a foundation year are an increasing trend and for good reasons.

In the past, universities would start from the first year of their related degree and the only real filter with applicants was the admission exams and the degree itself.

Without a foundation year, universities were forced to search and select applicants thorough and intensively since a failing student may cost a lot more to the university than it may cost to the student itself.

The problem with this approach is that you are stuck with long and stressful admission processes that may not work and you may end up accepting the wrong candidates.

This is due to the fact that an admission test and oral tests may be influenced by many different factors that may or may not influence the final opinion of a candidate.

Consequently, the school may see a decrease in their students and therefore reputation in the end.


-A university must select a student that will start and finish the degree with good standards-


A university foundation year comes to solve these issues by introducing applicants that are highly qualified for the test and the degree itself from the get go.


Universities with a foundation year not only offer the student the possibility to come very well prepared for the exams and the degree itself, but it offers the university itself the ease to deal with prepared students with high chances of qualifications and success during the university degree.


Universities with a foundation year also opens opportunities for those students who did not achieve excellent scores during their high school years the chance to start pretty much any degree they dreamed of such as medicine, dentistry or other highly demanding degrees.


With all this said, any student has now the same opportunities and a way to start anew and dream to become the professional they’ve always dreamed of without excuses.


At King Charles Medical College, we offer a Year Foundation for Medical degrees such as MBBS (General Medicine) or Dentistry with a full backup from Charles 1, the first faculty of medicine in Prague.

Students can join our university foundation year and gain acceptance to a number of the best medical schools in the Czech Republic and the training they need to be successful medical students.

The prerequisites are only to have a fully completed high school education and the rest is on the school.

King Charles Medical College offers accommodation for students and a study environment that is immersive, effective and well organised.

The university foundation program at Charles with King Charles College is divided into two main courses; one is 22 weeks long (approximately 5 months) and the other one is 38 weeks long (approximately 10 months).

Both programmes offer 20 weeks of intensive scientific courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physiology and Anatomy and more than 500 and 1000 hours of Czech language lessons respectively.

The idea of these programmes is to highly train anyone to become a proficient medical student.


To summarise, we highly recommend joining one of these two options and to start a successful medical career with university foundation programmes that are qualified and accredited by one of the most prestigious medical schools in Europe and certainly in the world.


For more information be sure to contact us.