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US-Accredited Medical Schools in Europe

US accredited medical schools in Europe can be found in different countries, however, not all schools will be accredited in all states in the US.

In fact, many universities in Europe offer accreditation in the US (according to the different schools), however, a full accreditation in all states is rarely found with foreign universities when speaking about medical schools, of course.

For simplicity, I’ll be referring to this article to Charles University, The First Faculty of Medicine in Prague, The Czech Republic, which is fully accredited in all 50 states throughout the US (even in California).

Charles University, the first faculty of medicine is fully accredited in all 50 states throughout the US.

Did you know that 76-89% of aspiring medics in the US are living under the pressure of a six-figure debt! No wonder, a growing number of medical aspirants are desperately searching for US-Accredited Medical Schools in Europe which offer medical programs with a tuition fee of just under $10,500.

These affordably priced courses help
students to lighten their debt burdens in two ways. First, the low tuition fee
means they do not have to tie themselves up to an enormous loan amount.

Secondly, the shorter duration of these
programs means, the net amount payable for the tuition fee will be less. On the
other hand, it will take fewer years to complete the course and start earning
as compared to the US.

What is more? They are mostly undergraduate
programs, so students can join the course directly after high school instead of
pursuing a four-year pre-med program.

No wonder, more and more students from the
USA considering pursuing medicine in Europe.

Think of the advantages but tread with caution

Most of the students who study in European
medical schools can get residencies at top US hospitals. Professors at the US
universities also maintain that their medical school training is as good as any
received at renowned US medical institutes.

However, there are instances where students
failed to land a residency in the US after completing the program from a med
school in a European country. Hence it’s important to find out the details
about accreditation before joining any med school in Europe.

Are there any US-accredited medical schools in Europe?

As far as we know, there is a limited number of US-accredited medical schools in the USA, such as Charles
University.  But that does not mean you cannot have a medical career in the USA with a degree earned abroad. It’s just that, you must be cautious about choosing any non-US program.

Start by understanding the requirements that you’ll have to fulfill to start your career
as a medical practitioner in the USA. Let’s explain step-by-step.

First of all, note that by “US-accredited medical schools” we mean they are approved by
the Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME.) — the regulatory body,
responsible for accrediting medical schools in the US and Canada.

In the USA, graduates from a European medical school are referred to as international
medical graduates (IMGs). 

They must obtain an ECFMG certification (which is not the same as US accreditation) to be
eligible to apply to US medical residency programs.

This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical
Education (ACGME), and the last step for medical graduates to obtain the
license for practicing as a doctor.

After completing the residency training, they can apply to take the United States
Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE).

So, you can clearly see the importance of the ECFMG certification — it is the
foundation stone for starting the career of a board-certified physician in the
US for international medical graduates.

How to choose your medical school in Europe?

Before seeking admission, make sure that the medical school is licensed. To be eligible as an international
practitioner, you need to have graduated from a WHO-recognized medical school.
While shortlisting colleges, make sure that your school is listed in the World
Directory of Medical Schools.

Here is the advice from our expert team

If you want to study medicine in Europe but want to get a physician’s job in the USA, start the other way round. instead of
looking for US-accredited medical schools in Europe, start by talking with admissions officers at residency programs. Also, consult personnel at the licensing boards where you plan to practice medicine. And above all, seek advice from licensed physicians who’ve graduated from overseas medical schools.

Take a look at Charles University, The First Faculty of Medicine. Charles University is one of the oldest universities in the world and it was the very first medical faculty in central Europe.

Founded in 1348, Charles started qualifying physicians when no other educational institution would do it back then.

As of today, Charles University is widely known and has a vast network of teaching, and affiliated hospitals throughout the world.

The school is also highly awarded for its research department and continuous research findings in the medical field, keeping its accreditation not only in the US, but also in the UK and everywhere within the EU among others.

In recent years, Charles, the first faculty has achieved great study conditions for its students from Germany, UAE, the US and other parts of the world gaining popularity and recognition.

What makes a medical school accredited in the US?

In order for a medical school to gain accreditation in the US, this one has to comply with the requirements of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) of the USA on accreditation.

Usually, this means that the school goes through a process of accreditation, showing that foreign students have similar criteria for studies and acceptance comparable to the one used by U.S.LCME.

Having said that, each state in the US has independent laws and criteria that could make certain schools be accredited in certain states but not in others.

Charles, the first faculty of medicine has gained this accreditation in all states and it is something the school can proudly promote and announce.

Besides this, the school of Charles has achieved last year a 100% of success rate with its students taking the USMLE (United Medical Licensing Examination), step 1 and step 2.

We speak more in detail about Charles University and all the benefits that come when taking your medical degree with them on our page ‘Charles University, The first Faculty of Medicine.

The reality is that when it comes to US accredited medical schools in Europe, then Charles University may not have a real contender since the school not only is a top 1% in the world but it is the one who has more years of experience and most connections for its students for after graduation.