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Are study abroad programs expensive?

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Are study abroad programs expensive?

Study abroad programs are very diverse and so are their costs.

Because we are a medical foundation program, in this article, we will discuss studies abroad for a medical degree.

When speaking about going to study for your medical degree abroad, the options could be overwhelming, and the costs of each university and each location can differ by the thousands of euros sometimes.

At King Charles Medical College we prepare students to study abroad for a medical degree wherever they want and we work inside one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, which is Charles University, the first faculty of medicine.

A medical degree (when referring to international programs) is not cheap by default.

If you consider the cheapest medical degrees that you could find, you would be looking at around 5,000 euros per academic year.

The problem is that a medical degree cannot be selected only by its tuition fees.

Medical degrees are developed to certify the student in medicine and give opportunities for specializations and provide training to enter the job market at the end of the day.

For this reason, when choosing a medical university, a student should also look at the opportunities that this school will provide as a graduated medical doctor and not only as a medical student.

When it comes to tuition fees for a medical degree, and to answer our main question “Are Study Abroad Programs Expensive?” we must address the word expensive in comparison to where or to which other schools or programs?

For example, in comparison to exceptionally low tuition or free university programs in some countries, the tuition fees of these schools may look expensive but when we look at university degrees in the US or Canada where tuition fees may range from around 50,000 dollars per year, then these abroad programs may seem really cheap and affordable.

To make things even better, Charles University in Prague is a fully accredited medical university across the US, Canada and Europe and this means that if you are a North American student, doing your medical degree at Charles University will be much more affordable but still a very good and valuable degree to return home with.

Something else to consider and to keep in mind is the fact that there are local programs offered by the university which are free of charge and as mentioned in this article before when comparing any free program with the paid ones, eventually, they will be a nice option for any student trying to save or without the economical capabilities to go for a paid program.

King Charles College, together with Charles University developed an incredibly special foundation program of 10 months in which students are prepared for a medical degree and their admission exams and are given intense preparation to reach an elevated level in the Czech language.

These Czech language courses are conducted with the university and all professors are native Czech and qualified teaching staff.

The goal is to reach an A1 level or advanced level in the Czech language that will be accredited by universities but also give the opportunity to the student to apply for a Tuition-Free medical degree with the local programs.

This opportunity to apply for a medical degree that is free of charge is something that must be acknowledged and not left aside.

A student that does not spend on tuition fees for his or her medical degree can expect consequently to have financial freedom; to use his or her own salary as a medical doctor for his or her own life, commodities, etc.

We are seeing an increase in demand for these types of programs training students to attend the local courses for this reason and counting on the fact that tuition fees for medical degrees tend to increase every year!

So, to summarize the question; are study abroad programs expensive? – In my opinion, they can be, or they can be exactly the opposite. Depends on who you ask.