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6 Interesting Facts About the University of Charles in Prague

Founded in 1348, Charles University of Prague is one of the oldest universities in the world. But being ancient is not the only claim to fame for this institution. With glittering alumni consisting of world-famous poets, novelists, scientists, doctors, politicians, and more, this Czech university ranks 305th globally, as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Apart from being one of the 100 best universities in Europe, it also happens to be among the two percent top universities in the world. We have curated for you some interesting trivia about this centuries-old seat of knowledge.

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Cosmopolitan Culture Enveloped in International Spirit

Prague has always occupied a prestigious spot in Central Europe’s political and socio-cultural scene.  This alluring city continues to enjoy this exalted position with an incessant influx of international travelers.

Charles University upholds this tradition of cosmopolitanism and internationalism. Wrapped in history on the one hand, and modernism, on the other, this institution has successfully built its brand as a dynamic research destination for diverse academic fields.

One of the missions of this institution is to drive socio-cultural refinement with a focus on the global academic fraternity. To translate its vision of internationalism into action, the institution offers multiple programs in partnership with almost 200 universities all over the world.

A Huge International Student Population

Despite being famous for its difficult entrance exam, the Charles University In Prague welcomes more than 42,000 students every year to its various programs especially in Medicine and Science, and also curriculums in Humanities and Business Management. The size of the international student population touches almost 4500 every year.

Official European Union statistics revealed that incoming Erasmus students voted Charles University to be the 5th university in Europe, while the outgoing students gives it the 10th position.


Entrance Exam That Puts Students’ Thinking Abilities to Test

It’s said that King Charles University in Prague reportedly has one of the toughest entrance exams in Europe. However, if students work on their critical thinking abilities, they are expected to pass it with flying colors.

As far as clearing the medical entrance exam is concerned, students can easily crack it with the help of a pre-med course. These five to six- month courses well prepare medical aspirants for a successful entry into the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University.


International Center of Advanced Research

With a goal of branding itself as an advanced research center, University Of Charles in Prague is currently involved with nearly 100 projects of Horizon, 2020 Erasmu, as well as of ESFRI.

Besides, Charles University of Prague is also a key contributor to the improvement of European research infrastructures.

Besides general medicine, the university has notable research programs for mathematics and physics and other natural science.

Attractive Campus Life

Located in the historical city of Prague, the CU campus offers an exciting lifestyle to international students complete with part-time work opportunities.

The campus buildings are scattered throughout Prague, of which, Carolinum is one of the oldest existing university buildings in the world.


International Student Exchange Program

With an objective to facilitate international exposure for its students, University Of Charles in Prague has tied up with many renowned universities from all over the world. As a result, it enjoys a respectable international profile, which in turn, opens up opportunities for joint international research projects. Students can build up connections with prestigious institutions and expand their professional networks, which can be leveraged throughout their careers.

Although King Charles University in Prague is known worldwide for its medical faculty, it also has faculties of law, philosophy, and social science. The departments of social and political sciences and economics are coveted worldwide. Medicine and all other courses are taught in many foreign languages including English, German and Russian. If you are looking to pursue higher education in Europe, Charles University can be a great choice. Select from its wide spectrum of graduate, post-graduate, or research programs according to your long-term career aspiration.