How To Become A Doctor

How To Become A Doctor

“I Want to Become A Doctor” – Your Dream, Our Tips

If you are among those aspiring Medics, who are in the last legs of their high school, you must be researching a lot about “How I become a doctor”.

We have an idea to share – why don’t you head to East Europe to earn your medical degree? Worry not, all the top universities in this region, including Charles University in Prague, offer medical courses in English.

Apart from the opportunity of choosing English as the medium of instruction, there are many other reasons to pursue medicine in Europe. Here we share some practical tips and information that, we hope, will answer your question, “How can I become a doctor.”

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Shortlist Medical Schools You Want to Join

There are hundreds of high-ranking medical schools throughout the continent offering their courses in English. This means you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a destination to match your specific requirements. Instead of applying blindly, make a list of colleges that best suit your situation and requirements, and then start applying.

Know the Admission Requirements

As said earlier, Europe has hundreds of medical universities with varied admission requirements. The commonest among them are:

  • High school diploma with satisfactory grades in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Math
  • Proficiency in the English language with a good score in IELTS or equivalent language exam
  • Facing an online interview
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Entrance exams in Biology, Chemistry, and English with the option of taking them online
  • Only one attempt is permissible per academic year

Most of the universities across Europe have more or less similar admission requirements. One needs to invest a substantial amount of time and effort to take the entrance exams. Online pre-med courses can prepare you thoroughly to successfully clear the test.


Research the Cost and Accordingly Plan Your Budget

Many medical schools in Europe are known for their affordable course fees and living costs. However, lower tuition fees do not mean that the quality of education is inferior there. University fees are determined based on the economic and political stability of the destination country and have no connection with the standard of the academic program. There are some more expensive courses available in some of the Western European countries but you cannot say for sure that they are better. Accredited by the same global medical body, the courses, sat the core level, are the same in both expensive and affordable universities.

The cost of studying medicine is directly proportionate to the economic situation of your destination country. For example, Ukraine and Georgia offer the most affordably priced medical courses in Europe, while in Central European countries like Romania, Poland, or the Czech Republic, the cost varies between €6,000 – €15,000. In countries like Germany, Italy, or Turkey, it may exceed €20,000 per year.

Before committing to just about any courses, compare all the suitable medical schools. While calculating, include not only the college fee but all lifestyle costs and make sure you can meet these expenses.

Becoming a doctor will depend not only on goodwill but even more on good planning and how to become a doctor and when will depend on how well you choose to plan your university strategy and this means budget, career opportunities and more.

There is a general tendency to perceive East or Central European medical courses as a bit inferior to their American or western European counterparts. Do not get misled by these false notions. If you are really interested in knowing how to become a doctor, you should keep all options open. Medical schools in east and central European countries offer the same high-quality education based on modern infrastructure and are recognized by the same global medical bodies. They will give you the required eligibility to practice as a doctor anywhere in the world.

Now that you have the answer to the question, ” how I become a doctor”, start exploring your options. We are sure all the above-mentioned information will help you to find out the best college and the most appropriate course.