Prague Student Accommodation

Prague Student Accommodation

Accommodation for Students in Prague – Know Your Options

The city of Prague attracts thousands of international students every year. After securing admission to your dream university, your next important step would be finding suitable student accommodation in Prague.

Studying abroad comes with its unique share of excitement and expenses. When you are studying in a foreign country, you have to consider not only the college tuition fee but also the cost of accommodation. Fortunately, there are several options when it comes to finding suitable accommodation for students in Prague. The costs will vary depending upon the location and the quality and amenities.

Student accommodations in  Prague come under two broad categories: the dormitory and private accommodation.

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Dormitories – The Cheapest Accommodation for Students in Prague

The majority of Czech universities arrange dormitories for their international students. Commonly referred to as student residence halls, this can be the least expensive option for foreigners. These dormitories typically are apartment complexes, equipped with community facilities. Information about the availability and other details are available on the university website.

Sharing is the key

In dormitories, you’ll have to share a bedroom, bath, and kitchenette with one or more roommates. Sharing living quarters with someone else may sound a little difficult at first, but gradually you will come to discover that living with your peers is fun and convenient at once. You always have someone to turn to while settling down in an unknown place.

What is included?

Amenities typically include basic furniture items including a bed, closet, cabinet, study desk, cooker, microwave, and wi-fi connection. In most cases, students are required to arrange for bedding, towels, and cookware. But some student dorms provide all these items. You have to check what is included before moving in. For that matter, some student residences offer the convenience of attached toilets.

The pocket pinch

Charges for dormitory rooms vary with universities. On average, be prepared to pay a monthly fee of 120 EUR for the room shared with roommates. Wi-Fi and utility costs are included in this amount.

Private Accommodation for Students in Prague – Ideal for Those Who Don’t Mind Paying a Little Extra for Privacy


Sharing space with friends is fun but of course, you can choose to live in privacy. These can also be your option if you find dorms too noisy to focus on your studies. These student quarters are costly but they save you the hassles of sharing your space with strangers. Plus, they offer a wide range of features and amenities.

Where to find them?

Various agencies rent out such accommodations to international students.

Besides, look for the advertisements in the newspaper classifieds.

You can also check with real estate agencies specializing in providing accommodation for students in Prague.

Keep a tab on university bulletin boards for private apartment vacancy notices by fellow students.


The rent of the private accommodation depends on three factors: size, amenities, and location. The rent for a 2–3 bedroom flat typically varies between 500-800 EUR.

If you want to avoid the noise of the dorm but still want to save a good amount, opt for a single room in a private apartment. This won’t cost you more than 250 EUR per month.

Keep in mind that you will also have to pay a deposit amount while renting private accommodation in Prague.  You will get the amount back at the time of leaving.

One last tip in the end

If you want to experience the Czech culture from a close quarter, consider living with a local host family. Many senior people also rent out a part of their house to students. This can also be an excellent option for international students.

Shared living comes with its unique advantages but if it’s not your cup of tea, explore private apartments. Do not hesitate to ask your seniors, and even professors; they can make good recommendations for Prague student accommodations. Hobby clubs in your university, as well as various student organizations, also make a good source of information about private housing for foreign students.