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Charles University stands right now as a TOP 1% medical school in the world. It is ranked among the best medical school in Europe and worldwide and partners with important medical hospitals around the world such as Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and Johns Hopkins in the US among others.

Charles University was founded in the year 1348 and it was back then the very first medical university in all central Europe. From that, it adopted the name ‘’The First Medical School’’.

Following its foundation, 4 other medical faculties arose and became part of the name “Charles University” which is nowadays composed of 5 different faculties.

The first one is the one I’ll be referring to in this article as it is the oldest one, the original one and the one with currently most with medical hospitals as partners.

Charles University Ranking is also a consequence of long-lasting research awards and important findings in the medical world such as the discovery of a gene whose mutation is the cause of a serious hereditary defect in the eye’s cornea, and the discovery of the first eukaryotic organism without a mitochondria.

Charles University is also well known for its policy which allows students to start international clinical rotations from the 4th year of their medical degree and until their graduation.

When students start their medical degree at Charles University, they know they are at a prestigious university and they know that it will not be easy, however, their efforts will be rewarded as the first faculty of medicine has an extensive network of cooperating teaching hospitals that will allow its students to go for rotations and even specializations abroad at probably the best hospitals in the world.

Another fact to mention is that together with the organization of King Charles Medical College, a foundation programme with Charles University, Institute of Language and Preparatory Studies; the university together with King Charles College can invite students who want to study at Charles at an early stage even right after high school to begin intensive preparation for their medical degree.

The foundation intends to prepare students like they never were before, to promote leadership and high standards when it comes to applicants and prospects for a medical degree.

The best of this programme is that it not only prepares students with the necessary scientific knowledge but also provides language courses and workshops to improve oral skills and study techniques.

Perhaps with such programme, the ranking of Charles University will even grow higher and climb up its already high ranks since the school receives more prepared applicants that may likely be better medical students.

With more applicants each year, and more graduates, Charles University Ranking is expected to continue its course all the way up in the coming years.

Are you considering studying for your medical degree at Charles University? – We recommend speaking to one of the experienced consultants at King Charles Medical College to get you started.