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Charles University Tuition Fees

Charles University tuition fees for the program of General Medicine at the first faculty of medicine, are set at this moment at 600 000 CZK per year. 

The university tuition fees have varied over the years, and, it has a lot to do with the increasing demand for new applicants each year the university receives and their increasing reputation and achievements.

Unfortunately, Charles University tuition fees like all other renowned universities, tend to increase from time to time and given the fact that Charles remains among the more costly options when it comes to studying your medical degree in Europe, it’s wise to apply as soon as possible or as soon as you have met their criteria of admission which is a complete high school diploma from your country.

Having said all this, tuition fees in Europe remain significantly cheaper than in the US or Canada or even the UK, and for that reason, it is wise to consider studying abroad at Charles University.

We must not forget that Charles University is composed of several faculties and for the medical programs, Charles has 5 different faculties, all with different tuition fees.

In this article, I referred only to the first faculty which is the main one and the oldest one of all.

Like so, we expect Charles University tuition fees to continue rising over the years but if you’re reading this, we hope you enrol on their prestigious medical program before that.

Charles University Tuition & Other Expenses

When you first start considering a future in medicine, your research will likely begin with determining the best medical schools available to you. As you now know, based on our previous article titled “How Does Charles University Rank Among Other Schools”, the prestige and outstanding excellence of Charles University has it consistently ranking in the top 1% annually when it comes to clinical medicine.

But once you’ve determined the best university for your new field of study, the next step is to ascertain the cost of these universities, including Charles University tuition, in particular.

What Is The Cost of Med School in the USA?

In 2021, the average cost of annual tuition for out-of-state medical students in the United States was approximately $62,000 USD for a 6-year education. Depending on the program, these costs could span upwards of $90,000 USD.

Because of these high costs, more and more international students are turning to reputable European medical schools because of their lower tuition fees. The average European Medical School program is approximately $13,000 USD per year.

Considering its reputation, prestige, and high ranking, Charles University tuition fees, along with additional expenses, are really quite reasonable. A 6-year General Medicine Program at Charles University costs approximately $19,000 USD.

Cost of Living at Charles University

The cost of living in the Czech Republic, in general, is considered to be affordable when compared to other European countries. When considering additional costs of living, other than the typical tuition fees, it is important to take into consideration costs for food, transportation, accommodations, culture, and other essential expenses. Naturally, your everyday costs will vary depending on your spending habits and how luxurious your accommodations need to be but, on average, you could estimate that you will spend approximately 600 Euros per month, or approximately $700 USD, in addition to your tuition fees.

Accommodations Made Just For You

Once you’ve gained admission to Charles University, you’ll be excited to begin the process of securing the perfect student accommodations for your stay.

When looking for accommodations in the beautiful city of Prague, you’ll quickly realize that they fall into one of three categories:

1.      Dormitories

As do the majority of universities in the Czech Republic, Charles University and their sister school, King Charles College, offer student housing options for international students. Student Residence Halls, or Dormitories, will be the least expensive accommodation options you’ll find.

Since dormitories are shared living spaces, some see this as a good way for international students to feel secure and meet peers with similar interests or habits. Costs typically include basic furniture items, wi-fi connection, and utility costs.

2.      Private Accommodation

While shared spaces may be fun for some, others may be interested in a little more privacy. Although more costly than dormitories, private accommodations offer more features and amenities, and the privacy that some may crave.

3.      Host Families

A lesser-known accommodation option is living with a host family, which will allow international students to really immerse themselves in the Czech culture!

In conclusion, you’ll find that Charles University tuition fees and cost of living, in general, are comparable to, if not lower, than other prestigious medical schools.

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