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colleges with medical majors

Colleges with medical majors are found throughout the world but if you’re reading this post I’m going to assume that you are considering doing your medical degree in a college in Europe and if you’re not, then let us tell you why you really should.

European medical colleges offer a really high standard of study programs that on many occasions are accredited and recognized worldwide, including in the US, Australia, the UK and more.

The major difference that European colleges with medical majors have with American colleges is their tuition fees!

In Europe, you could study for your medical degree for a fraction of what it would cost you to study in the US or Canada.

European medical colleges offer international programs that are fully taught in the English language and their tuition fees can be from around $11,000 to $20,000 roughly per academic year. This is if you’d like to study in English but there is an even cheaper way to complete your medical degree at a European medical school.

In the Czech Republic, at Charles University, anyone (including international students) is able to apply to local programs (taught in the local language) and these are Tuition Free!

You may be wondering “well yeah, but how am I going to study in Czech?” – The good news is that at King Charles Medical College in Prague, we specialize in teaching you and preparing you for both, international and local programs with curriculums that include more than 1000 of teaching hours in the Czech language, taught by professionals from the university itself. These special programs are made for non-Czech speakers that wish to study in the Czech language by learning the language at the same time that you are preparing for the entrance admission exams and the degree.

King Charles College is now an official foundation from Charles University, the first faculty of medicine in Prague which is one of the most prestigious medical schools in Europe and in the World, offering clinical rotations outside the university framework in affiliated hospitals all over the world and that means also back home.

Moreover, Charles University is fully accredited in every state in the US (including California) , and the UK as well.

When choosing colleges with medical majors it is important to consider the following as well:

  • Choose your medical college according to an honest financial plan. In the US students tend to get huge loans to be re-paid for many years after the students have become doctors. In Europe, you wouldn’t have to deal with this which translates to the use of your salary as a medical doctor for your own things.
  • Choose your medical college according to where you want to work or specialize once you become a medical doctor. Many foreign universities have the disadvantage that after becoming a medical doctor, it may not be very easy to find a residency program within your country or city. Charles University is fully accredited in the US and takes this concern away.
  • Choose a medical college that fulfils your expectations as a medical student. Charles University offers an international atmosphere and the possibility to experience a life-changing adventure while offering the opportunity for rotations back home.


To summarize:

Shopping for colleges with medical majors is a huge step in the life of anyone who ever dreamed of becoming a medical doctor and the best way to do it is to consider all your options and try to make the best decision for the best outcome for yourself alone. Think of the time when you will be certified and start looking for residency opportunities and don’t just look at the medical degree as a student alone. Think also about the time when you have to return your debts and believe me when I say you will be thankful if you don’t have to deal with heavy loans at all.