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How Long is a Medical Degree?

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How long is a Medical Degree?

A medical degree is usually 6 years which are divided into two halves; the first half is called pre-clinical, composed of the first 3 years in school and the second half is the clinical part composed of the last 3 years of the degree.

In Europe and the UK, the medical degree is usually structured in the same way I described above.

In the U.S, the medical degree is structured a bit different where one has to do a bachelor’s degree of 4 years and then go for a medical degree of another 4 years.

In Europe, in order to be accepted for a medical degree, a student is NOT required to have done a previous university degree and is not required to have done previous scientific studies (this applies to most of the international programs in Europe).

Because the medical degree in Europe does not depend on previous studies, a student can dream of becoming a doctor even if he/she has not coursed scientific studies before and even if his or her grades were not high back in high school or the A-levels.

Due to these facts, thousands of international students arrive in Europe each year to become doctors from renowned medical universities that are fully equipped to train and certify them.

We see many advantages with this approach; for example, the student can immediately after having completed his or her high school years or A-levels, start a medical degree without having to study something irrelevant for the first 3 or 4 years.

The second advantage is that anyone can be accepted after passing an admission test regardless of their background.

At King Charles Medical College, we specialize in training students from all types of backgrounds and from many different countries to study and pass the admission exams to be admitted to prestigious medical schools in Europe.

King Charles College is now an official foundation pre-medical program from Charles University, the first faculty of medicine which is one of the most renowned medical universities in Europe and the world.

King Charles College is inviting students from all over the world to study from Prague, within Charles University for a highly accredited medical degree.

The program is currently offering two options, one is a 22-week long course and the second one a 38-week long course. Both options prepare to study in English at many different international programs in Europe and the 38-week option prepares to study in the local language as well, providing the student with more than one thousand hours of Czech language classes and the opportunity to study for free as the local programs don’t have tuition fees.

So how long is a medical degree? It’s 6 years in Europe and you get the chance to practice the last 3 years abroad and even back home.

Get in touch with one of our study consultants and we hope to have you with us in Prague really soon.