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A medical degree is a degree that will qualify you and certify you as a medical doctor, medical physician, or medical practitioner.

If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that you started searching for different medical degrees and are thinking seriously to become a medical doctor.

Medical doctors are in demand always, it is one of those old professions that the world needs no matter the circumstances and no matter where you live. People will always need good doctors.

I believe the hardest stage of all is when you start searching for a medical degree and you are bombarded with hundreds of different posts and articles and a huge selection of different medical universities to attend to.

The first thing to do is to find out if you are eligible to be admitted to one of the different medical degrees out there since not all of them have the same criteria to accept students and not all of them offer the same opportunities specifically for you.

If you’re past the stage in which you find out whether you fit the requirements, then you are really in the shop mode of finding your perfect match (referring to medical universities).

If you were discouraged by the many medical universities that demand crazy high grades and different difficult and expensive standardized tests to admit you, then let me tell you that there are amazing opportunities for everyone and you may not need anything other than a high school certificate of completion.

So which medical schools can you attend to and what are your options when going for a medical degree?

Most students will first try or look into their own home country to the different universities and options and this is always a good way to stay connected to your home and culture and on many occasions, this might be the best option for you.

Despite this, the sad reality is that most of the students who look into their own home country for a medical degree are not eligible or they will have to go through a tremendous rigorous admission process that sometimes can be even impossible for many.

So what can you do if you find yourself amongst the many that are not able to apply for a medical degree in their home country?

Fortunately, there are plenty of international programs at different medical universities in which you are not required to pass a difficult standardized test or show splendid results from school.

In fact, most of these international programs will not even check if you had science from school at the time of the application. This means, that if you studied something else while in school and now you realized that you’d like to study to become a doctor, you can!

How is this even possible? The answer is in the respective medical faculty. These international programs decided that they can take highly qualified students even if they don’t have a prior scientific background from school or even if they didn’t achieve good grades in school either. The reason is that to admit students, these universities run a difficult admission test based on science (chemistry, biology, and physics) and if students can pass it, then they will be admitted.

These programs have been around for many years already and they turned out to be highly successful and useful.

Thousands of new medical doctors were already graduated from these schools and are working as medical doctors either in Europe where they studied or back home.

King Charles Medical College is the official medical foundation program from Charles University, the first faculty of medicine from Prague and is now offering an amazing program of 5 months and 10 months prior to medical admission exams.

Both foundation programs will help you prepare in an optimal way for admission exams to a medical degree in English in Europe and only the longer program of 10 months will help you prepare for the medical degree and admission exams not only given in English but also the local programs that are taught and conducted in the Czech language.

The Czech language program is for everyone who’s up for a challenge and during the 10 months, the students receive more than one thousand hours in language courses from the language department of Charles University.

But why would you choose to study in the Czech language when you can study in English?

The answer is simple. Czech language programs are FREE and students don’t have to pay for tuition fees at all!

These programs are so incredible that we are receiving an increasing number of international students from all over the world to register for the longer program and try the FREE Medical Degree.

If you think about it, a medical degree in English in Europe will cost in total around 100,000 euros (still much cheaper than the American degrees costing about double that amount at least).

This means that a Tuition FREE medical degree will save you just that much and this also means that you will not need to ask for heavy loans to be re-paid long after you graduate. This is how you are debt-free after becoming a medical doctor and all your salary will be used for your own personal life.

To summarize, a medical degree can be studied in many different medical faculties around the world but not all medical universities will have the same admission requirements nor the same opportunities for everyone and a school that may be good for some, may not be the best for others due to that and other factors.

King Charles College and Charles University invite you to join a foundation year program that is done from Prague, from within the prestigious University of Charles and that will offer you a straightforward admission process and great opportunities as a medical student and as a medical professional.