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Why Medical School?

If you’re considering medical school, you surely must know “why” you want to pursue such a career.

When starting your medical school admission exams, you will be faced with an oral interview or oral test as well for most universities and one of their most frequently asked questions is “why medical school?” – Why are you interested in becoming a medical doctor instead of any other career out there.

Now, I’d like to think deeply before answering because if your answer is “I want to help people”, then you will need to expand a lot more than that.

If your intentions are “to help people”, you can do that with every single job and profession everywhere; if you’re selling apples, you’re helping people put food on their tables, or if you are a painter, you’re helping people with their renovations.

The point is that when such a question comes to you from an admission examiner, you should really express in which way you’d like to help people and what’s the reason you would prefer to help in that way instead of being a different professional helping people in other many different ways.

If your answer is that you want to “save lives”, you are already getting closer, however, think that a firefighter, a police agent, a nurse, or a paramedic (among others) can also save lives, and that’s why, you will want to address not only you’d like to save lives but how you’d like to save lives.

A good approach to the same question would be to mention that you are passionate about medical science and that you’d like very much to be the doctor that receives the ill or injured and, in this way, help them get better and save as many lives as you can by specializing in any of the medical specializations there are. This would be a better approach.

During the interviews, you should be prepared to respond with good reasons the “why” you are choosing to become a medical doctor and not a different professional. This would have to include your story background and personal experiences and how these two combined made you reach the point where you are here today.

Another point to be emphasized is that you’re determined to become a doctor and that you have a clear mindset for this. Otherwise, it will be difficult to convince the admission officials that you would do great in medical school since the medical degree is challenging and demanding and if you’re not 100% in it, you can easily fail or let go when the challenge becomes significant.

This is also to say that if you are on the fence about whether do medicine or a different profession, think particularly good before committing to either one.

At King Charles College we are an official foundation program from Charles University, the first faculty of medicine and students when facing admission tests will be invited to participate in not just one interview but in a number of them called MMI’s (Mini Multiple Interviews) where they take you to 4 different stations to answer questions and see who you really are and if you are really a committed student, among other criteria.

To summarize this article let me tell you that to succeed with your medical degree, you will need the following: Commitment, powerful desire and determination.

When professors and examiners ask you why medical school, you will respond with readiness and assurance.