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To study Dentistry in the Czech Republic means to have a great degree in dentistry that it will be accredited across the EU.

Hearing the sound of Czech Republic Dentistry already gives us the hint that we want to study dentistry in Europe, and in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe.

Becoming a dentist, in my opinion, is overrated by students who want to go for a medical degree. I remind you that a medical degree means Dentistry, General Medicine, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, etc.

We know that about 90% of students wanting to study a medical degree, will go for a General Medicine Degree, and we suspect this is due to the lack of good marketing that the Dentistry degree has compared to its big brother.

Dentistry is still the second most popular medical degree in the Czech Republic and in general when it comes to a medical degree.

So why do we think dentistry in Czech Republic is a good option?

The Czech Republic is still considered a great option for international students also for those wanting to become dentists.

The university of Charles is offeringt dentistry that is accredited all over Europe.

Other popular dental schools in the Czech Republic is Palacky and Charles the second faculty.

What does it meant to study Dentistry and become a dentist?

It means basically that you will be fully certified after your 5th year of the degree and that you will be able to work as a dentist anywhere you like without restrictions within the EU.

This means also the possibility to open your own clinic and have your own personal customers.

A dentist is an expert of the medicine of the mouth and teeth and his ighly rewarded. Some dentist have really high salaries and income and if you opt to specialize within surgery or implants for example, then the remuneration can increase significantly.

Let’s talk about a bit about the dental degree and how you should prepare to be accepted at the different prestigious dental universities.

The degree like mentioned before lasts for 5 years.

During the dental degree, students get access to simulations and real patients.

The degree is highly practical and for those wanting to feel as dentists from an early stage, will not be disappointed.

Admission Exams

The admission exams are exactly as the ones used for the General Medicine degree. Usually, they’re based on the scientific subjects of chemistry, physics, and biology.

The difference is that due to the fact that for the dental degrees you get less applicants than for the General Medicine, admissions tend to be more open and flexible.

This means that you have better chances to be accepted to a dental degree by default.

So, we spoke about the dental degree and admissions but why at Charles University?

King Charles College is an official foundation, and medical program belonging to Charles University, and they are backing up the program with enthusiasm.

The reason Charles is a good option is that if you decide to start the foundation at King Charles College, then the lessons will be oriented for Charles University and your transition to the school will feel smooth and with the right preparation to succeed.

Charles is a good option also as it is one of the oldest medical schools in Europe and is highly renowned. This means that for specializations and any other post-graduate degree, you’ll carry Charles’s name with you.

Lastly, Charles University Dentistry programs are built and dealt with an extremely high standard just like the General medicine degree giving the degree a very prestigious and proud name.

We recommend when considering your dental degree contact one of our senior student counsellors to help you and guide you throughout the entire process.